Coronavirus Practices

We would like everyone to know we love our community and pray for your safety during this time of great need and concern.

Please follow safe coronavirus practices:

* Wash your hands (often)

* Cough into your elbow

* Stay at least 6 feet away from the next person

* Try not to touch your face

* If you feel sick, stay home.

Be Safe.

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Are you eligible for Consumer Directed Services?

A individual must be meet eligibility requirements.

Individuals may be found NOT eligible for services if:

 It is determined that he or she can not be the EOR, and no one else is able to assume the responsibility.

The individual wants CD services, but health and safety cannot be assured​.

The individual has medication or skilled nursing needs that cannot be met through CD services.  

Why We're Here

We provide Service Facilitation for Consumer Directed(CD) services.  CD services are support services for the elderly  and disabled that are necessary to enable an individual to remain at or return home rather than entering an institution.  Services may include assist with activities of daily living(ADL) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, grooming. 

We facilitate Consumer Directed services for the following Managed Care Organizations and Medicaid :


Aetna Better Health of Va.


Magellan Complete Care of Va.


Anthem Health Keepers  Plus


Virginia Premier Elite Plus



1 .804. 786.7933

Optima Health


Want to Know More about Consumer Directed Services?

The Employer of Record Manual provides information about responsibilities and benefits of consumer direction, including hiring, training, and  supervising your attendant,  Download a copy of the Employer of Record manual here.



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